Friday, July 27, 2012

Hemingway Slept Here

Paul Hendrickson, in his book, Hemingway's Boat, tells us Hemingway's regular stopover place in Miami was this hotel:


 Hendrickson says the hotel was 7 blocks from the railroad terminal with a view of Biscayne Bay but gives no address. The image above I found on a postcard auction site and the reverse of the card says its located "Facing beautiful Bayfront Park. Here's a seagull's eye view of Bayfront Park today:

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 There's no sign of the Miami Colonial; likely it was elbowed aside by the forest of high-rises that line Biscayne Boulevard across the street from Bayfront Park. (And from this view, Bayfront Park does look beautiful, doesn't it?)

 I'm not opposed to high-rises. They're beautiful in their own way, monuments to the ambition of the human race. But would it have killed developers to leave this lovely old hotel?