Saturday, June 4, 2011

April iPhone Photo Dump

My goodness. I'm getting worse at dumping these pictures from my iPhone. May's done come and gone and June is already off to a fine start and still no April pictures. Well, time to cure that. Ready? Here we go!

April is the cruelest month. Just ask T.S. Eliot or any CPA. In my case, that means I don't have a whole heckuva lot of time to for photo opportunities. Still, you take 'em where you get 'em. It isn't unusual to find a CPA in his office on a Saturday morning and I'm not exception. One of those fine mornings, they held the biking portion of the Redbud Classic. The route runs right by my window:

The hardcore head out first and fast:

The not-so-serious are a little more. . . leisurely:

While dashed in the store one day, I noticed this seasonal display, unusual for this part of the country:

We're becoming more multi-ethnic here in Oklahoma. Usually you'd find this tucked away on a dusty shelf somewhere but in honor of Passover these items get a more prominent location:

Monday nights, Clara teaches ESL. That means a movie for Emily and me, if we can find one. Emily gets to pick both the movie and the seat:

Storm season approaches and so do massive thunderheads. These stayed south and to the east but ominous no less:

Here's a better shot:

So the storms passed us by. That means the running of the hoses and sprinklers:

When the weather is fine, the clouds are almost cheerful:

Post-filing season, there was time for golf. The fairways and greens are coming up nicely. Too bad my game wasn't:

Aw, Emily. My drive wasn't that bad:

April is past us and tucked away in our memory. Let's see what May holds.

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