Sunday, June 23, 2013

I went out to get chocolate malts for everyone and I noticed the Blockbuster next to our local Braums was closed and for good.  I know, I know, the Blockbuster closings happened long ago but the boarded up windows brought the sense of finality home.  And I was struck, too, that this was the end of something more than just an obsolete method of entertainment delivery.  No longer would there be those thrilling days of when you having two little girls race excitedly among the aisle looking for the one - okay, two, all right, three - VHS tapes, and later, DVDs - that would mark the beginning of a long weekend or the threat of a snowstorm or any other reason that would find us in that store.  We'd stopped going there a long time ago and we weren't the only ones who'd stopped going and after a lot of not going the reason for the demise of Blockbuster becomes pretty clear.  And those little girls are grown up now and we get our videos on demand through our cable service so there's a lot that's long, long gone.

And then The Byrds' Turn Turn Turn pops up on Pandora on the way out of the parking lot and pretty much sums up this entire post.  That season is gone.  Time for new seasons.


  1. I know that feeling...our local Blockbuster store is now empty and has a large "For Lease" sign in its window.

    It was a slow death of sorts. It went from having every movie we wanted to watch to having some movies and a lot of video games to having mostly video games and no movies we wanted to watch to....out of business.

    Netflix has become the alternative, although it surely lacks the fun of having two or three other with me in the store, each running up to me holding the DVD they want to watch in their hands.

    At least the chocolate malt places aren't going to be replaced by any online service!

  2. Hiding behind those cynical dark shades, you are a true romantic.