Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inside the Rolling Stones Inc.

TaxProf Blog links to an old article - internal clues point to 2006 - about how tax-savvy the Rolling Stones are:
Like the protagonist in one of his most devilish songs, Mick has been around for many a long year. He had plenty of smarts to begin with, and now he has 40 years of music industry experience under his belt. Jagger may be getting a trifle old to rock & roll--he'll turn 60 next July--but from a business perspective he's at the top of his game. Which makes sense in a way. After all, that's a typical age for a CEO of a large, multinational organization. (Okay, so most of the CEOs we follow don't have to swivel-hip their way through "Midnight Rambler," but you get the point.)

Even aging rockers want to avoid the tax man.

(OKC rockers: wanna be like the Rolling Stones? Tax-wise, I mean? Gimme a shout. I'd be glad to talk with you.)

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  1. I want to read Keith Richards' autobio but I think I might wait for the spoken version narrated by Johnny Depp.