Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The King's Speech - Movie Review

Surprisingly engaging, The King's Speech is about, well, the King's speech, or, actually, his speech impediment. King George VI had a killer stammer and being King of England and all, that won't do. Heck, it won't do for anyone but when a large part of your duties is giving speeches to inspire your people through a little thing called World War 2, well, something must be done. Enter Lionel Logue, a speech specialist, and what follows is an interesting story of how a man overcomes a disability and how two men separated by class become good friends.

Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush play the leads and the buzz about their acting is well-deserved. Helena Bonham Carter, in normal-mode, does a fine job as Queen, too. Sets, costumes - a period piece in England so what else could period-piece fans want? It's rated R for a brief sequence of profanity played for comic effect but otherwise there's nothing offensive about this movie.

This didn't seem like a movie I'd want to see but I was pleasantly surprised. One of my recent favorites.

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