Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Fuss about The King’s Speech

It's not just me who thinks The Kings Speech is the bee's knees. So does Gina R. Dalfonzo:
I found myself in an animated conversation about The King’s Speech with the heavily tattooed twentysomething who rang up my purchase at Borders. “That was a great movie!” he said enthusiastically when he saw the title of the soundtrack I was buying.

I told my parents about this, remarking that if the movie had reached even this unlikely audience member, it was bound to be a smash hit. “So what’s the appeal?” my dad wanted to know.

Read the whole thing.

Something else: a young man in my office was had the same sentiments as the young man in Dalfonzo's article. He thought this movie was among the best he'd seen this year and this is coming from a babes and bullets kinda movie guy. And Clara reports one of her co-teachers at ESL was surprised at how well they liked this movie.

Interesting. Can't think of a recent movie that had such broad appeal, can you?

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