Monday, July 27, 2009

Moon - Movie Review

Nothing opened this weekend worth seeing so we scoured the listings for something obscure we could see and found Moon., a nifty little piece of sci-fi that's easy to overlook in all of the hullabaloo that's the summer movie season. Nothing spectacular in the sense of fx but a think-piece that moves deliberately along as it explores the loneliness of a the sole worker at a moon-based mining facility. The reason for his hallucinations becomes clear pretty quickly so even though it's a twist, it's not the point of the movie. Sam Rockwell gives a good performance where it's pretty much just him on the screen for the entire movie. An extended Twilight Zone episode? Could be. But at 97 minutes, it's not too bloated. This is what sci-fi used to be like before Star Wars came along and changed everything. I'm glad we saw it in the theatre but it'd make a good DVD rental when it comes out this Fall. A good one.

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