Friday, July 2, 2010

Farewell Sanibel

In the morning, the rains stopped and all the colors came out. Forecast for more rain so we'd best get on the road. We did after a stop for a fantastic breakfast at some place with the word "cow" in it's name. The Island Cow? Doesn't sound right. I'll have to look it up later and update this post.

So a reverse film of our Sunday journey only at Tampa we jumped off at I-4 to head towards Orlando. No, no Magic Kingdom, just a day of shopping and an overnight stay before the final destination: Branford! Meanwhile, we did our best to resist Disney's siren's call and it was hard, my friends, might hard.

The rain caught up to us in the late afternoon and continued through the night but we did what we had come here for. Report from Branford is that it's been raining all day. No let up in sight. Could be in for a long dreary weekend.


  1. we did our best to resist Disney's siren's call

    And the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

  2. Enjoyed all the images of sandy beaches. It brought memories of vacation I had in Sri lanka.
    Nice blog and keep up the good work.
    looking forward to come back...
    Nina @