Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'd planned on blogging the rest of our journey but we came home to find a virus on the PC. Drat. Off to Best Buy it went to root it out. Could be a few days. Meanwhile, talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Shouldn't have let the doggies use your computer. They never wash their paws. And they lick the images on the screen.

    No wonder the computer has a virus.

  2. That's everyone's worse nightmare, they leave for a few days and their computer throws a wild party, catching a disease or setting the house on fire.

  3. Dang doggies and their unsafe computer practices. They think they're immune. But what do ya' expect from an animal that greets its fellow breed by sniffing their privates.

  4. Jason, I suspected something was going on with my PC while I was away. Things just didn't seem right, a mis-placed chair here, a missing bottle of booze there. Pretty soon things add up.

    I hope my PC is quite proud of itself.