Thursday, April 30, 2009

American Idol’ Gets Down to Final Four

So it's so long, Matt Giraud. He had a good run but of the remaining five, he was my least favorite. Not to take anything from him - they're all astoundingly good and though none of them are Carrie Underwood, I have to agree this seems to be the best batch American Idol has fielded ever. It's all about votes and I think Matt split the "cute guy" votes with Kris and Danny. Alison has the rocker chick vote so I don't think she'll last for much longer as Matt's voters run to either Danny or Kris. I dunno what group votes for Adam - Rachel and Emily squeal for him and though I don't like him I have to say he brings something interesting to the table. I'm not sure if his being in the bottom two was hype or true but it was another surprise from a show that always delights.

Natalie Cole looked as hot as she ever does. Good to see Taylor Hicks looked fit and trim and working it out; it's too bad he hasn't been as popular as the other winners. Missed Jamie Foxx's performance - had to dash out on Dad duty - but somehow I survived.

Didn't catch next week's theme but I'm already counting the days.

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