Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flaming Lips' Song Update

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips does pretty well about the controversy over naming his group's song, Do You Realize?, Oklahoma's state rock song:
"This didn’t get put into law because we know some rich lobbyist,” Coyne said on Friday.

"This was voted on. It was overwhelmingly voted upon, and we won. It wasn’t like we were handed this or anything. This was a vote that happened. So we’re just simply going by what the majority of the people that voted in Oklahoma wanted.

Indeed. Nice populist take there, Mr. Coyne. But why couldn't you just leave it there?
"Me, I just say look, it’s a little minority of some small-minded religious wackos who think they can tell people what kind of T-shirts and what kind of music they can listen to, and the smart, rational, reasonable people of Oklahoma are never going to buy into that,” he said.
(Emphasis mine.)


Where is the love, Mr. Coyne, for us religious folk?

Of course, Coyne knows more about what was said than I so maybe there was something religious bandied about in all the hoo haw but otherwise, I don't get the gratuitous kick at religion. You know what? I'll bet religious people like his group's music, too?

Next time, Mr. Coyne, in your victory speech, in the spirit of reconciliation, try painting with a little narrower paintbrush.

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