Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eloquent Guitar, Quiet Man

Not that I'm a fan but I had this from some weeks back about Jeff Beck:
The covenant between guitarist Jeff Beck and his audience is the same as it's been for most of his four-decade professional career. With little concession to show business or shifting musical trends, Mr. Beck mounts the stage, as he did here on Monday night, plays brilliantly, says good night and leaves. What we get for 80 minutes or so is his perfect attack, impeccable control, diverse sonic palette, and music that's both savage and beautiful. Would that everything in life were so direct and so thoroughly achieved.

This is from some weeks ago so the original appeal of the article is lost on me. Maybe I just liked the thought of a 64 year old rock guitar god who became that rock guitar god by hard work. A good old-fashioned story of continued success. That and he seems like a polite man. Reason enough to bring him to your attention.

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