Sunday, February 7, 2010

Crazy Heart - Movie Review

Jeff Bridges is up for an academy award for his performance in Crazy Heart and it's a well-deserved nomination. He inhabits the role of a burned out country and western singer/songwriter, whose best days are far behind him in his rearview mirror. He's a shambling wreck from the beginning but gradually finds redemption and his performance alone could tell the story. There's a sort-of-a-surprising cameo by an uncredited actor that was a pleasant surprise and Robert Duvall is always a pleasure. But Maggie Gyllenhaal? Meh. Don't see the appeal myself and her role is a weak spot for the movie. Her character has to be there for Bridges' character to fall for but does she have to be so much younger than he? With a child that will later play a crucial part in the plot? And, come on Hollywood, she's a journalist for a small paper in Santa Fe. Let the CPA think this through for you: How do you think she can afford such a cute home decorated so southwestern fabulously, afford daycare for her son, and then take 4 days off and fly two people roundtrip to Houston? Yeah, I know, it's a movie, but I kept getting tripped up on this point. I'm just saying a little more realism in this role would have helped.

A good movie with some good country-and-western music, managed by T Bone Burnett. Enjoy Bridges and watch a master at work. I haven't seen all of the actors nominated for an Oscar yet but he looks like a sure thing.


  1. The casting agents have foisted Maggie Gyllenhaal on us three times and it's 0 for 3...she was supposed to be Will Ferrell's big love in 'Stranger than Fiction' and then again in 'Batman' and now, this. Sheesh. Get someone like 'Up in the Air's' Vera Farmiga who is *not* gorgeous but incredibly interesting and age-appropriate for the elder actor's love interest.

  2. Good choice, Ruth Anne. Farmiga would have been perfect for this role. Gyllenhall was a mis-step in an otherwise sure-footed movie.

  3. I'm hoping Bridges gets it. I've been a lifelong fan of the Bridges family ever since my dad watched "Seahunt".

  4. Whatever happened to television shows like "Seahunt?" I remember when I took up scuba diving in my teens, my cousin would refer to me and my diving buddy as Lloyd Bridges and Primus. Remember Primus, another scuba diving oriented adventure show? I guess that sort of thing isn't too exciting anymore - you can take an hour lesson on vacation in Cancun and be certified to hit the reefs in the afternoon. Our loss.

    All this to say, I agree: the Bridges family is immensely talented. It would be good to see Jeff win. (Oh, and speaking of Lloyd, what about his performance in Airplane!? Gut busting high-larity.)