Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going Rogue at Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School

Laszlo Brauning, a wannabe film director, steals a page from Werner Herzog and forges credentials to get into Herzog's film seminar. Brilliant:
Next came the challenging part. Although I had gotten in, I soon learned that this would not be the twelve-student atelier that I had envisioned, but rather a fifty-person lecture. The weekend seminar would cost a whopping $1,450 that I didn’t have, and after raising money for my feature I had no stomach to roll out another campaign.

At this point I asked myself: What would Werner Herzog do?

Well, not only does the Rogue Film School’s syllabus include forging shooting permits, but I also heard Herzog once say he stole a 35mm camera from the Munich Film School because he “had a natural right to take it.” It seemed like he was telling me to forge my way into his film school.

Brauning's caught, but not until near the end of the seminar. Herzog may not respect the property rights of others but you'd better respect his.

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