Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Houston Has Direct Flights To Branson, Missouri!

My smart alecky buddy Bryan posted this smart alecky article on his Facebook page. So like a good blogger, I'm stealing it and posting it here:
In case you've been experiencing the typical Houstonian's self-doubt about whether or not we're really a sophisticated metropolis, you can relax.

Houston is now one of only five American cities with direct flights to Branson, Missouri. On real planes, too!

Ha ha.

But the real story isn't that Houston and other cities have direct flights to Branson. The real story is that Branson continues to grow enough despite hard economic times to make these flights worthwhile. And I didn't even know that Branson had an airport!

(Um, not that that I know that much about Branson. Okay, I do know a lot about Branson. We've been going there for years though we haven't been recently. I guess that makes us as sophisticated as Houstonites.)

Thanks, Bryan. You made me laugh.

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