Friday, February 5, 2010

Hotel Fire

I thought I had my the iPod on my iPhone set on shuffle but the string of songs with titles beginning with the letter "H" tells me it somehow slipped out of that mode. Ominous. (Also, my iPhone seems to continually be checking for e-mails; either something's wrong or it's taking after the habits of its owner.)

But that's okay, I'm just letting it ride and listening to whatever comes up, except for when something comes up I don't want to listen to. I'll skip over until I find something because, well, I'm in charge, man. You can be sure, though, that when anything by Hem pops up in the window, I'll stop and play it on through. Every track of theirs is just absolutely lovely and it's a bright, restful spot in an otherwise hectic time of year for a CPA.

All of this is to say I came across their Hotel Fire and I was terribly moved. I don't know how to embed the track in a blog post so, like I've done before, I'll just have to be happy with publishing the lyrics for you:

Hotel Fire

Ten dollars for the room
Torn blankets smell like old perfume
Then love checks in, trips a wire,
Skips the bill, sets a fire
And leaves the wreck that's left behind
With one desire, one desire

Don't worry 'bout the key
Lock's busted, and the chain is free
Light comes up, the sun goes down
A rented room, a borrowed town
That burns the memories to the ground
With one more round, one more round
One more round

Ten miles 'til the dawn
A sign lights up and it pulls you on
So strip the bed, slash the tire
A broken home, a hotel fire
You ask yourself again, am I
Your one desire, one desire

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