Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Black Widow - Book Review

In my seemingly endless quest to find a writer with a genre series in which I can jump and wallow, I've come across Randy Wayne White and his Black Widow. I'd tried him years before and declared him unworthy of my time and effort but our recent return to Sanibel re-kindled an interest in him and this book seemed as good as any to try a re-entry.

It starts off promising - I greatly enjoyed the Sanibel locale and the opening sequence is very thrilling - but much of the plot takes place on a fictional Caribbean island and introduces a not-very-believable British character whose all gung ho and all that rot. The plot really isn't important - certain folks are blackmailed by a certain character and revenge/videotape is sought - as much as the series character trotted through his paces. Doc Ford is a good enough replacement for Travis McGee if that's what you're looking for but dipping into the series this late in the game means there's a lot of character baggage that needs unpacking and I almost laughed out loud at how complicated Ford's personal life had become.

Still, this might be a series I could get interested in. Another book or two on my reading list remains before I can return but for now, this'll do.

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