Friday, September 17, 2010

Get Low - Movie Review

If Michael Caine taught us anything with his latest movie, Robert Duvall confirms it in Get Low: old guys rule!

Based on a real-life legend, Duvall plays an aging character who decides it's high time to hold his funeral and learn what people have to say about him while he's still alive to hear about it. There's a deep dark secret he has to come to terms with, too, but be patient and all will be revealed. It's not an earth-shattering movie but it's feel is authentic and Bill Murray does a nice turn as the hapless funeral director trying to comply with Duvall's old hermit's wishes and maybe make a buck or two from it. Sissy Spacek's here, too, as well as Gerald McRaney so it all feels down home and comfortable. A nice, character driven piece, one well worth renting.

(And look, it was filmed in Newnan, Georgia! Home of my dear, sweet sister and her dear sweet family. Lookin' good, Newnan!)

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