Thursday, September 16, 2010

Harry Brown - Movie Review

The conservative movie website, Big Hollywood, recommended Harry Brown so we picked it up from Redbox when it became available. It doesn't disappoint.

Michael Caine plays British pensioner living in a housing project who finally has enough of the thuggery around him and decides to do something about it. Hewing closely to the plot of the similar Death Wish, its depiction of urban savagery is as disturbing as that earlier movie; today's criminals use today's tech to record their bad deeds and the opening scene makes effective use of a handheld mini-cam. The project where Brown lives is a testament to the ability of the State to provide for the welfare of its citizens and the set design and camerawork gives it a dank, dismal, other-worldly feel. Caine gives a gritty performance of a man pushed too far and the movie makes some good points about how well the State can handle crime gone rampant. A movie full of outrage and a good one, too.

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