Friday, September 19, 2008


Or, rather, balloon! See it?

No? Come on, it's right there!

Just a sec. I'm driving to work this morning on the Broadway Extension and up ahead is a hot air balloon. Out comes the camera phone and I attempt to zoom in and take a picture with one hand while driving. Yeah, yeah, I know, I'm not supposed to do that, but when a picture opportunity comes along, you gotta life dangerously, and I'm nothin' if not dangerous, baby.

Let me pull back a bit and see if you can't see it.

Ah, better. Er, but barely. It's that little dot right hanging right on one of the power lines in the center of the picture.

Always a treat to come across a sight like a hot air balloon. Why aren't there more of them? Well, okay, here in Oklahoma, the wind is usually blowing so hard that's it's dangerous to fly in one. So when a calm, still morning comes along, you can see the temptation to take flight and let the air currents take you where they will.

I have in my mind a picture I've seen somewhere of some Utopian future where balloons fill the skies. I've googled for such a picture and I've come up empty so maybe it's just something I thought I saw. Still, it seems plausible that somebody somewhere imagined a world in which balloon flight was an every day occurrence and not a rare thing.

Lightened the day's mood. I hope I see more of them.

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