Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun With Google Maps

I've been using Google Earth to help with re-tracing our route in some of the vacation posts below and I've discovered a new vice: virtual travel using street view. I haven't been able to master the trick of embedding a street view scene in a blog post yet but Google Maps has an embed feature that was working a while ago. This is supposed to be a view of our house but for right now, the post preview isn't showing the picture. (It was when I first tried it.)

Let's post it and see what happens.

View Larger Map

Nothing. If you click on the blank image or the View Larger Map, you'll go to the page, but I want the image here, in the post.

Let me try embedding it again:

View Larger Map
Well, dang. I'll try some re-jiggering and see if I can't make it work.

Update: It's working!

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