Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Google Mappery

I'd mentioned some of the fun I'd been having with Google Maps and street view and so I spent about an hour touring the places I've lived from childhood through now. No screen grabs - that feature seems a bit spotty for right now and, besides, if I'd posted everywhere I'd went that'd make for an unwieldy entry. But it was a interesting journey and I may do more of it and make a post for each place I go.

Amazing how I can span over 40 years in as little as an hour. I haven't figured out how to tell when the street view pictures were taken but you come away with the illusion that maybe all of those places were photographed on the same day. Bright and sunny in Florida, of course, but cloudy and overcast closer to home. (I can tell some of the Oklahoma street views were done shortly after last December's ice storm from the tree damage and the debris dragged to the curbs.)

I'm glad to make a virtual visit to these places. It's good to know they're still out there and not just a figment of memory.

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