Saturday, September 13, 2008

Westmoore vs Southmoore

Friday night so that means another football game and another chance to see what Rachel and her color guard cohorts can do.

Emily went with us, and patiently awaited the beginning of the game:

Sure it looks cloudy and there was the threat of rain but that threat never materialized.

Clara did her band booster volunteer gig, passing out water:

Band work is thirsty work.

But we're here to catch a glimpse of Rachel, aren't we? Look, here she comes, passing right in front of us!

Drat. Nothing but a blur. I'll be ready next time, though. Just gotta bide my time.

Southmoore put a pretty good team on the field. By half time they had a sizable lead, though it wasn't insurmountable.

Half time mean show time, though. The band took there field and there was the color guard. Rachel's the one with the blue flag.

Yeah, I know.

(The young people lined up in uniform in the foreground are the Southmoore band. They entertained us pre-game and they did a pretty good job.)

The band did well, and so did Rachel, from what we could tell and -

Oh, look, here comes Rachel again! Quick, get a picture!

D'oh! The girl's just too fast. (Or I'm too slow.)

We lost, 28-20.

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