Saturday, September 6, 2008

Dog Walking 2

We've been having some wonderful pre-Fall weather so what better way to spend it than taking the dogs for a walk in the park? So we - we being Emily, Clara and me since Rachel had a babysitting gig - did just that.

I'd looked back and could only see Emily and Clara in silhouette so I purposefully shot into the sun. Didn't quite capture what I saw but you get the idea. If I'd had time - and something besides my Blackberry - maybe I'd do better. But the charm of the shot is capturing it on the fly. Besides, I've gotta be quick. When Emily sees me trying to take her picture, she dodges out of the way. Like here:

For the post-walk cool-down, it went pretty much like here.

Sonic afterwards. Shakes and cheddar cheese bits while the dogs hoped for a crumb to fall but, alas, no. A good outing for everyone.

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