Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emily Goes To Work

Emily mentioned a few weeks - months? - ago that she'd like to go to work for me in the summer like Rachel did last year. Take it from Rachel, working for your Dad - me - is pretty lame and that's why she's not doing it again this year. So, sure, Emily, come along, I can find you something to do.

Getting up early on a summer day was the first obstacle. Getting through the live-long work day was the next. It was delightful for me, of course, but Emily likely had second thoughts. I started her off with some light filing and then after an appointment and a few things I had to get done, I had her tag along with me on my rounds to the bank and other stops. I got her lunch, brought it back to work, and let her eat at her desk near mine. Then she returned to work, quickly learning how slowly a clock moves when you keep an eye on it. By the end of the day, she was more than ready to head home.

I plan on her coming in once a week this summer. She'll have a little extra spending money and I'll have some one-on-one time with her, something I rarely get these days. She'll think it'll kill her but it won't and between vacation time and her grueling color guard practice in late July, early August, it'll be over before she knows it. She'll be grateful for that; I'm already dreading it.

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