Saturday, June 20, 2009

How Long Has it Been Since We've Seen a Positive Story on Michelle Obama?

I'd say about 3.5 seconds. Which, if you're an Obama acolyte, as the media are, that's too long. Here's a story to tide you over until the next magazine cover story/fawning profile/television news story comes along:
So far, the first lady has chosen to be a food bank volunteer with an outsize entourage and an education activist with the largest soapbox imaginable. But Michelle Obama also fills a role that is not of her choosing but that may, in fact, be the most influential: She serves as a symbol of middle-class progress, feminist achievement, affirmative-action success and individual style.

And she has done all this on the world stage . . . while being black.

I'll be glad to live in a time when race doesn't matter. Until then, the Washington Post will make sure it does.

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