Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hollywood Stars In Need of a Good Accountant

Being a Hollywood Star means you're too busy to take care of mundane things like paying taxes:
Take heart, America. Even celebrities pay taxes on April 15.

Well, sometimes.

Nicolas Cage’s bookkeeping got a bit muddled, and now he has to shell out $13.3 million to the federal government.

Joe Francis, founder of “Girls Gone Wild,” forgot, too. His tab? $29.4 million -- or roughly 5 million margaritas.

Sinbad the Comedian? A very unfunny $8.15 million, which doesn't even include interest and legal fees.

Other celebs who owe the taxman big bucks are Pamela Anderson ($1.7 million), the rapper Nas ($3.4 million), singer Dionne Warwick ($2.2 million) and actor Terrence Howard ($1.1 million).

They need look no further than here but I'd want my money up front.

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