Friday, April 23, 2010

Sam Bradford Picked First

The things I know about sports? Squat. But even I know enough that this is good news:

Holding a St. Louis Rams jersey with his name already stitched on the back, Sam Bradford flashed a million-dollar smile.

Make that multi-million.

The Oklahoma native and Sooner superstar was the first overall pick of the NFL Draft on Thursday night. With that spot comes great prestige, great clout and great wealth. But even with the $50 million or so that Bradford will be guaranteed — his contract will be a paltry $25 million, plus or minus a few million — nothing will be greater than the expectations that he now faces.

We saw him once at a Waffle House in Norman. Or, rather, Clara did. We came in and Clara said that was Sam Bradford. I thought she meant the guy working the grill. Clara rolled her eyes and said, "No, the guy who went by us when we came in the door." Oh. I'm a little out of touch with this stuff.

Anyway. Good for Bradford. Good for Oklahoma.

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