Friday, April 30, 2010

iPhone = Imperfect

Not everything about the iPhone is wonderful. Its camera lacks awesomeness. Plain ol' point and shoot turns out photographs that look flat and washed out. No flash. No zoom. My Blackberry's was better. There. I said it.

So I'm reluctant to use the camera, even though it's right there, ready and available - with video, if I need it! Checking out my bank of pictures, they're few and far between. About the only thing worth uploading is this one of Emily from a few Saturdays ago, waiting for her audition time at the band hoo-ha at Westmoore. (Twitter followers have already seen this picture.)

The full moon's been quite bright these last few mornings so why not try to catch it with the iPhone's camera?

See what I'm saying? Oh, I suppose it's good enough for catching spur-of-the-moment, hey-ain't-that-amazing kinda stuff but for anything decent? Bah.

I'll try to do better.


  1. I'd like to figger out how to tweet iphone photos. Several times I've seen spectacular sunsets while riding the train home but have been unable to do so.

  2. Twitterific has a "camera" icon on its posting template that lets you tweet a picture, through Twitpic, I believe. You can also e-mail a picture to Twitpic and tweet it that way though I'm always confused about where I can put my text when I do: is it in the subject line or in the body of the e-mail? I'll bet the pictures you post will be amazing.