Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Think We Need a Tax Hike? What's Stopping You?

Howie Carr notes that those in favor of tax hikes are in favor of tax hikes for everyone but themselves:
As the deadline for filing 2009 state income taxes nears, once again the Beautiful People of Massachusetts are proving that while they enjoy talking the talk, walking the walk is another thing altogether.

We have a two-tier income tax in this state, you know. You have the option of paying either at the standard rate of 5.3 percent, or at the old, higher 5.85 percent rate.

As of Wednesday, here are this years numbers, according to the state DOR:

Of 1,840,000 state tax filers, exactly 931 have opted to pay taxes at the higher rate. That works out to one-twentieth of one percent. Think of it this way: In 2000, only 60 percent of the Massachusetts electorate voted to cut the income tax, but a decade later 99.95 percent of the population has decided to take advantage of the tax cut a lot of them claimed they didn’t want or need.

The moonbat motto is: Do as I say, not as I do.

No need to wait for Congress and the President to act before you can have your own tax hike. There's nothing in the Internal Revenue Code that prevents you from understating your deductions - it's the reverse that gets you in trouble. So, go ahead, create your own tax increase. Forgo those itemized deductions. Claim fewer dependents. File separately from your spouse. And hurry. Health Care Reform isn't going to pay for itself.


  1. I wonder if the correlation between paying taxes and the public good can ever be restored. I wonder if it ever existed and when.

  2. I like to think that in times of war, patriotic fever was enough to make paying taxes less odious than usual. But even during those times I'm sure people grumbled. Some things never change.