Thursday, June 10, 2010

Emily Goes to Work

Summer's not all just laying around and watching TV and texting friends and rattling around on Facebook and MySpace. No, Summer also means a Summer job and Emily's is, like last year, a once-a-week adventure with her cool Dad at the office. We've got plenty she can do and she's just the person to do it.

Yesterday was her first day and I was glad to have her. Sure, I needed her to do the things she did - cleaning out our filing cabinets and making space for the upcoming filing season and generally getting the place looking more like a professional work space - but what I enjoyed most was her company. She's a tireless worker, doesn't complain, and always ready with a quip or two that'll bring a smile to your face. Disarmingly honest, too: when asked if she wants to be an Accountant, she just smiled and said, no.

We took a long lunch with Mom downtown and then she went right back to work. A nice break in the afternoon for birthday cake for Erin; Emily politely declined and stoically endured the talk around the conference table before getting back to it for the final stretch to quitting time.

I remember last year when the summer was over and she no longer came to the office, the day seemed a longer, less bright thing to get through. This year I'm glad she's back.

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