Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the Beach

We let the girls sleep in and headed out to Captiva. In the ten years since we were here last, a major hurricane had rolled through and we'd heard reports of major damage but if it were true, we saw no signs if it. The island looked as lush and green as we remember it. A sign of the times, though: nearly all of the big houses in Captiva are for sale. Word is you cam have one for only a few million. I've got an idea to form an LLC, buy one, rent it out, and get rich. Quick. Who's with me?

The day started out cloudy but the clouds soon burned off. The beach here, facing more directly west than where we're staying, was virtually empty. A long time visitor told us this is typical of the off season. Come back in October and forget about it. The water was lovely green and clear and calm. Lord I hope the oil stays away.

The girls called. Time to start the day for real. We picked them up and took them to rent scooters. Some jitters starting out - Clara crashed on an empty road, making a u- turn and got some minor bruises and scrapes. Rachel took a curve a little too fast and though it was scary she was unhurt. Just shaken and a bruised ego. Otherwise, a great ride covering much what we had seen in the morning.

We ate dinner at Mezzaluna. We still have the kids' cup from ten years ago. This time, no kids, just teens. Boogie boards in the Gulf afterwards. I joined 'em until black clouds and lightning far out at sea told us it was best to go in.

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  1. You got your beach, I got mine.

    Hope you're having a great time Pete!

    My mother just left and I took some time off work but it ceratinly wasn't a vacation for me but rather a staycation.

    Haven't see TS3 yet but we will.

    My wife just started a new job and so we won't be going anywhere for a while.