Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Watching the Sun Set

Another morning stroll on the beach but in the other direction. Different! But back in time to get the girls up and fed and out the door for their appointment with the parasailors.

It'd be awesome to have pictures to post from my iPhone but due to a series of miscues and misunderstandings, that didn't happen. We didn't get to go with the girls as observers - don't get me started but the time to tell us we couldn't was before we paid and showed up at the dock. Of course, the time for us to ask to go would have been when we paid but, well, never mind. The girls went, fun was had, proof of same is in the pocket camera and I won't be able to upload those until we're home.

A snack and a cold drink afterwards and then back to the room. Tumbling in the sea for the girls, hanging by the pool for us as we waited for the dinner hour to roll around. It did and off we went to The Lazy Flamingo, for some no nonsense seafood - we'll have it fried, thank you very much.

Afterwards, a stop at a souvenir shop. Look at the time! Almost sunset. We hit the road - if you can call speeding along at 35 MPH, the posted speed limit, hitting the road - and headed for Captiva and arrived with a few minutes to spare. But a cloud bank muted what must be a daily display of beauty. But we were catching it as a family and that always makes the experience memorable.

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