Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love for Sale

Actually, you can have it for free.

Almost three weeks ago, Rachel was doing what she thought was a favor for a friend from school when he was looking for a place to board his puppy, Princess, while he and his family went on vacation. We agreed to look her over and see how she reacted with our dogs, Pepper and Lucky. This friend told us Princess was a "toy shepherd," whatever that is, and she seemed to get along fine with our dogs and was playful and puppy-like and small enough and it'd only be a week and so what the heck, we said yes. She wasn't too much trouble, not too much chewing or digging or many accidents in the house since she stayed outside mostly and our dogs put up with her when she was at her most annoyingly playful and seemed to like her when she wasn't.

A week passed. No word from this friend. Rachel tried to text him and call him. No response. Two weeks passed. Still nothing. Well, somebody was bamboozled, weren't they? Rachel finally got a hold of her friend's mother and she said, honey, you can keep that dog. We don't want her.

Well, we can't keep her, we've got two already and Princess is sure to be something a little more than a "toy shepherd" if her big paws and long legs mean anything. I've already put the word out - Erin, at the office, knows of several rescue groups and we'll look for a good place for Princess to go. She'll make someone a nice companion - she's smart and cheerful and easily adapts. And look, how can you resist:

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You can't, so why even try?

Interested? Let me know in the comments and we'll get something worked out.


  1. Trying to pass your problems onto your commenters. Awful!

  2. I prefer to think of it as offering an opportunity to my commenters. . . Jason, you'd like an opportunity to adopt a loving puppy, wouldn't you?

  3. You seem to have a thick, luxurious lawn. *jealous*

  4. Thanks! Though by August it'll look much different.