Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm Pictures

After I got Clara home, I had to run back out to get her 'scrips filled. Did I have my cell phone camera with me? I did! That means first-hand pictures of the ice storm.

Into our 'hood, looking through the windshield. Those blurs are water drops on the windshield:

Bleak enough for you? No? How about this? (More water drops near the bottom of the picture.)

I color-corrected through Picasa so if things look a little washed out, that's why. (Uncorrected, everything looks too blue and gray.)

Here's the house:

The last ice storm caused those trees near the house to bend all the way to the ground. So, no, things aren't as bad as then. But it's still not much fun.

(Go here to see my pictures from the 2007 ice storm and go here for a couple of shots from my office window of the same ice storm. Posting those pictures here would only confuse things, wouldn't it?)

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