Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stock Market Unkind to Obama

Oddly enough, I'd sent this link to Blogger for posting later and now it links to a story about the stock market's rebound after Tuesday's plunge. Now it links to a story about yesterday's rebound. I wonder why that is. Couldn't be media bias, could it? Nah.

Oh, wait, there's this mention of Tuesday's drop:
Stocks fell sharply Tuesday on worries governments would be forced to take over wobbly banks to avoid their collapse. The Dow dropped lost 332 points, or 4 percent. It was the first time the blue chips closed below 8,000 since November.

The point I was originally going to make with this link was though the market performed poorly on Obama's inauguration, I don't think it had anything to do with Obama; the market factored in Obama long ago and has moved on to other concerns. I just wonder how the story would have been reported if a Republican had taken the oath of office and the market had behaved this way.

No matter. The market recovered yesterday. All will be fine.

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