Sunday, December 20, 2009

Emily and Rachel's Christmas Programs

I've had no response to my query about posting Sony video - Sony's video files are proprietary and are unreadable to my (free) video editing software and are impervious to Youtube's magic - so I'm going with the media that I've got.

Emily's winter concert and Rachel's Christmas choir program were both on the same night at the same time but blocks apart. Clara took the ol' folks with her to Rachel's and I went to Emily's. This would be Rachel's last high school Christmas program while Emily still has a few ahead of her.

It might be hard to see but here's the program with Emily listed under the flutes. Last, of course, because it's alphabetical, but first in my book as the finest flute player on the floor. (Double click on the image for a larger version) :

Emily's right at the front. I managed to catch her with her head turned every time!

The 7th graders went first. (Here's Emily at her 7th grade concert last year.) They went through the same program that all 7th graders go through and it was a good reminder of just how far Emily has come. When the 8th graders took over, they raised the rafters and ended their program to thunderous applause.

Amazing stuff. I was so proud of how well Emily played. Some of her friends had come to see the program and gave her some high compliments as well. Good for Emily!

I went with her to the band room to stash her flute and then a friend of hers joined us and off we raced into the night up the street to see if we could catch some of Rachel's program.

Too late. As we entered the back hall, the choir was pouring out of the auditorium. We'd just missed it.

Word was that Rachel performed fantastically as well. Again, I don't know how well you can see this but Rachel had snagged the solo spot for Santa Baby. (You know the drill: double click on the image, etc etc.) :

Eyewitness reports say she vamped it up in a parent-pleasing style. (Subsequent viewing of the video confirms this.)

You mean others sang, too? Huh. Eyewitnesses didn't really notice. Thought the whole program revolved around Rachel.

Here's Rachel mingling with two of her biggest fans after the show:

So, another one for the books. Both girls did incredibly well. They couldn't have any more prouder parents.

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