Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hemingway's True at First Light - The Next Allotment

As planned, I've knocked off the next 50 page allotment of True at First Light on my way to the next Kelton book on my bookpile. I was looking forward to a return to Africa but not too terribly much was going on since I left. Hem's still game wardening around, taking to the sky to inspect a suspicious farmer's property and worrying about a possible attack by escaped Mau Maus. Mary still wants to kill her lion; surprisingly, and thankfully, no animals were killed in this section. She's both irritable with Hem's behavior and endeared by it. Another surprise: Hem's rumination of his prior safari and his admission he no longer hunts for trophies. An editorial insert by Hem's son to make him more PC? Then the rains came and more ruminations, this time about books.

Well, those 50 pages are done. I'm got some more Kelton to read before coming back. This time, it seems like the drudgery I remember.

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