Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gas Could be the Cavalry in Global Warming Fight

This isn't news to those of us living in Oklahoma - or officing just down the street from Chesapeake Energy's world headquarters - but I'm glad the news if finally hitting the mainstream media:
An unlikely source of energy has emerged to meet international demands that the United States do more to fight global warming: It's cleaner than coal, cheaper than oil and a 90-year supply is under our feet.

It's natural gas, the same fossil fuel that was in such short supply a decade ago that it was deemed unreliable. It's now being uncovered at such a rapid pace that its price is near a seven-year low. Long used to heat half the nation's homes, it's becoming the fuel of choice when building new power plants. Someday, it may win wider acceptance as a replacement for gasoline in our cars and trucks.

Natural gas' abundance and low price come as governments around the world debate how to curtail carbon dioxide and other pollution that contribute to global warming. The likely outcome is a tax on companies that spew excessive greenhouse gases. Utilities and other companies see natural gas as a way to lower emissions — and their costs. Yet politicians aren't stumping for it.

Obama has yet to see the light (heh) about natural gas but with stories like these, maybe the public will take greater notice.

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