Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oklahoma Charity Sues Ex-chief, Claiming Porn, Bribes

Yikes. Looks like Feed the Children brought a gun to a knife fight:
Larry Jones took bribes and hid hard-core porn magazines at the charity, Feed The Children is alleging in a countersuit against its fired president.

The charity also is accusing Jones in the civil case of other misdeeds, including misspending charity funds, pocketing travel money, keeping gifts from appearances and misusing a charity employee as a nanny.

Jones, 69, denied wrongdoing.

These are all allegations, of course, so Jones isn't guilty of anything. Though this kind of response isn't helpful:
He specifically said the alleged bribes were above-board payments to him and that the magazines were research for a new novel, "The Zipper Disease,” about AIDS in Africa.

So it's not that these actions didn't occur; it's that the interpretation of these actions that make them so nefarious.


I admire Feed the Children's work. Larry Jones is responsible for much of its success over the last 30 years. They're a prime example of how a charitable organization can provide services to people in need far better than the government can. But I wonder how it will be able to survive this kind of scandal. I hope it can.

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