Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Trip to The Myriad Gardens

Emily continues to be in need of scoring some extra credit points for her science class. A trip to the Myriad Gardens qualifies so off we went this past Saturday. A great way to spend some time with Emily and a great way to give my iPhone's camera a real workout. Let's go!

A brisk wind made the walk from our car to the inside a thrilling adventure and it was a nice break to stroll amidst the tropical greenery during this late Fall.

Emily the Naturalist:

Let's zoom in for some closeups. Oh. Wait. The iPhone doesn't have a zoom feature. Nor does it have a macro feature. Not a very good one, anyway, but, hey, not bad:

No one puts Emily in a cave!

Let's see how well the camera can capture motion:

Video? Sure!

(The iPhone's camera isn't too bad for capturing images and video on the fly but if I want something of a better quality, I'd better start toting a separate pocket camera like the great Rick Lee.)

Afterwards, we went over to Bricktown and grabbed a few slices at Falcone's. No, not Manhattan but it'll have to do.

Another delightful afternoon, thanks to Emily.

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