Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Spirited Away' - Most Memorable Movies

The end of the year approaches - the end of the decade, too - so top ten lists abound. Topping Newsweek's list of most memorable movies is Spirited Away.


That still pretty much sums up what Clara and I think about the movie. The plot? A series of WTH moments. The animation? Please! Like all Japanese animation, it looks and jerkily moves like a long Speed Racer episode and not a very good episode, either. What's there to love about this movie? Absolutely nothin'. (Huh. Say it again. Lord.)

We'd rented it for the girls when it came out based on it reputation but, to be fair, though Clara and I despised the experience, the girls liked it much better than we did. Rachel, in fact, has recently rented it and reveled in the experience all over again. I don't know if she's a true cinephile or just a teen trying to tick her parents off but, well, there you go.

The rest of the Newsweek list is movie critic tripe but that's the nature of lists, isn't it? They're merely a starting point for discussion and not definitive. Still, about this there can be no debate: "Spirited Away" is not the most memorable movie of the decade. I don't care what Rachel says.


  1. They have an option on the Newsweek site of seeing which movies people on Facebook (organized by demographic) thought were the most memorable, and only one of the Newsweek picks (Borat) shows up on any of them.

    Granted, a lot of people on Facebook obviously only have memories going back one year, but still, the Newsweek list seems insane.

  2. Thanks for the insight about the Facebook option, Jason. I think that's the problem with these end of the decade lists: the most recent movies are usually chosen. But when you pick the number one movie of a decade, you expect something with a little more heft than Spirited Away. (Heck, any of the fantastic Pixar movies surpasses that in imagination and technical achievement, not to mention story.) Again, I know I'm on the outside on this - after all, critics agree! And so do our girls. But a decade is a long time and a lot of movies have been produced, most of which are far more deserving of a number one slot than Spirited Away.