Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Car Lust: Minivan Madness Week

See? It's not just me. Mini-vans rule!
The truth is, the 21st-century minivan is a remarkable instrument. Insanely practical, with a utility envelope that can hold a whole youth-league soccer team or enough plywood to build a pretty serious model train layout, the modern minivan also has shockingly good driving dynamics. In one now-famous test conducted by Grassroots Motorsports magazine, a box-stock, straight-outta-Lincoln-Alabama base-model Honda Odyssey ran dead even with the legendary Porsche 356 on an autocross course--and flat-out blew the doors off an E-type Jaguar! And that was on cheap all-season radials.

Time to re-post this awesome mini-van video, baby!


  1. You're hitting me in the 10 ring. I drive a 2003 Honda minivan that has 210,000 miles on the odo. There is not one thing wrong with it. Not one thing.

    I am toying with the idea of a new car. No matter how I construct the decision matrix, the answer always comes back 'minivan'. Dang it.

    I may go all rad and switch form Honda and Toyota, just to prove that I'm not all staid and stuffy.

    I own a minivan. Chicks dig me. Especially chicks who are friends of my daughter and need stuff moved.

  2. My family forced me to trade in our Toyota Previa 5 years ago for Toyota Sequoia. They were humiliated to be seen driving around in a mini-van. Forgive them for they know not what they do. The Sequoia is huge, sucks gas, provides no more room than a mini-van. Though I admit, 8 cylinders are handy at times. Sure, I could haul a trailer, if I had a trailer to haul.

    When I returned to college to acquire my accounting hours to sit for the CPA, I told my wife our tan min-van was a babe magnet. All the hot chicks gave me looks when I pulled in with my Previa. My good wife informed me these hot chicks were giving me looks for different reasons than I thought. Ah, my poor, delusional wife.