Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nine - Movie Review

I've never seen 8 1/2, the movie which the play Nine is based on and which Nine, the movie, in turn, is based on (Yes! I win the award for the world's most confusing sentence!) so I can't compare the two but I found this version to be very entertaining. Cinephiles know the story: a Fellini-esque movie director has trouble with his next film. He looks for inspiration from the women in his life: his wife, his mistress, his mother, his first love. In this version, the scenes are punctuated with many dance and song numbers but, unfortunately, I couldn't whistle you a single memory or quote you a single line of song. The dancing was good though and the actresses looked pretty and, wow, Sophia Loren looked really good. I always like Daniel Day Lewis when he isn't playing crazy and he doesn't play crazy here so that was a good thing. Most of it takes place on movie sets or indoors but there are a few brief scenes outdoors that are quite beautiful.

This was panned when it was released but for a DVD rental it was well worth the time.

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