Friday, May 14, 2010

Emily's 2010 Spring Concert

Emily and the band at Brink Junior High performed their Spring concert this past Tuesday. Did I get some good pictures? I did not. Did I get some good video? I did not, too. I may have something better in the camcorder but I'll have to rip and edit it later and post it if it's any good. Meanwhile, how about a lousy video taken with my iPhone, with the exposure all out of whack because, well, I dunno what the iPhone was registering. You can see Emily, sort of, in the left of the frame, the flute player with the touch of blue-green color from the top she was wearing. You can also see a massive amount of the back of someone's Dad's head. But the sound is pretty good so you might enjoy this little one minute or so snippet:

Emily was excellent, of course, and we really enjoyed the show. We're looking forward to a lot more, too.

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