Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rachel's Choir Performance at Westmoore's Evening With the Arts

Rachel's in the final weeks of her high school career and this is her next to last choir performance. Next week is the big choir finale and I hope to have something from that as well so expect some more dimly lit, blurry still pictures and some poorly edited, shaky video with lousy sound. You know, the usual stuff you've come to expect from me.

Clara was out of town this week and Emily was at home a'wrasslin' with her upper respiratory infection so it was just Grandma and Grandpa and me to handle the rabid fan chores.

Here' Grandma and Grandpa, ever-faithful and always early:

The auditorium soon filled up but not to the rafters like a normal recital; since this was an arts appreciation night, there were 5 other venues going on at the same time so the halls were filled with proud parents and bored siblings. But soon, Rachel and the choir took the stage and performed their competition numbers:

Where's Rachel? Second row, second from left, her face blocked by the dark-haired beauty in front of her. See her now? Yeah. One thing that's been consistent throughout the years, no matter what seats we get, the view of Rachel is always obscured. Always. Sigh.

Here's another view? Better? No? Well, it'll have to do. I didn't take a lot of still pictures because of the lighting and I was working the video camera, too. I'm only one person, people.

Did I say video camera? So I've got video to post? Well, yes but not from the camera. You'll recall I've had trouble converting the Sony files to WAV files that I can upload to YouTube. Also, I'm all thumbs with the free Windows editing software so I can pare down the clips to YouTube's draconion limits. But the still camera has a video mode and it does a not-bad job of things and and all I have to do is upload the file directly to YouTube. Why can't all things be that simple?

You get the idea. (I'm working on the camcorder video and may post that later. Check back often.)

Grandma and Grandpa and I spent the time before the show and between performances reminiscing about all of the times we've spent out in the audience and how those times are coming to a swift close. Oh, sure, there'll be plenty of times ahead for Emily but this, well, this is different. Now may not be the time to get all misty-eyed about how fast time goes by - the thing to do is to enjoy the time at hand, right? - but, oh my, doesn't the time pass so swiftly?

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