Monday, May 24, 2010

Iron Man 2

Like the rest of America, we saw Iron Man 2 and it was pretty good movie to munch popcorn by. Lots of action, clever quips, and 'splosions so what's not to like? Mickey Rourke does a fine turn as the heavily-accented and greasy bad-guy whose motives are driven by the same psychological sources as Robert Downey. It all ends the way its supposed to with an orgy of FX that just keep getting more dazzling as these kinds of movies progress. There seems to be no end to what can be put up on the screen in a convincing manner. Added bonus: no, not Scarlett Johansson in a too-tight outfit - I like her in anything I see her in - but the scenes of the Gran Prix in Monaco. When's the last time you've seen that location in a movie? Looks like things have built up around there since To Catch a Thief but still beautiful.


  1. Why were Scarlett Johansson and Samuel Jackson's characters in costumes? You'd think if you were in a secretive organization you would try to blend in. Everything else in the movie I could believe except that.

  2. Maybe they're hiding in plain sight. Yeah, that's it. That and Johansson's form -fitting costume will drive the bad guys to distraction and they'll forget all about their plans for world domination. Sort of like real life.