Friday, May 28, 2010

iPhone Dump

Checking my iPhone pictures and I see I've got a few I haven't posted. Well, they're not amusing anyone just sitting on my phone, are they? Here they are. Be amused!

I'd said I didn't get any good pictures from Emily's Spring Concert and I wasn't kidding. Here's proof: (Emily's playing flute at the far left.)

A couple of Sundays ago, it was crunch time for Rachel and her semester essay for English. Her choice of location to work on it with Dad? The Downtown Library. A great place to jostle with the homeless for a connection to the 'net. Turned out just fine, thanks, but that was the day the huge hail storm came rolling through northwest Oklahoma City causing so much havoc. We got caught on the outer edges as we were making our way home and we sought shelter under a tree:

You can see the marble-sized hail near the windshield:

No damage to the car - that had already been done earlier with the baseball sized hail we'd got on the south side a week or so earlier. I've published those pictures on Facebook so I won't put them here. Can't be repeating myself, can I?

Last Friday I had lunch with Clara. I complain mightily about the limitations of my iPhone's camera but sometimes, when the light and the color and the angle are just right, I manage to capture a little something that makes it worth keeping. Here's a street view from the rooftop of the parking garage across the street from Clara's office:

Here's a glimpse of the Devon locations from the same view:

Finally, the sky was so blue, the Liberty Bank building was so awesome, well, I couldn't resist:

Saturday morning I went back downtown with Clara while she powered down her servers for a building power maintenance procedure. I whiled away the time, watching the Devon construction from her window: (Familiar? They might be to my tweeple; I tweeted 'em already so there goes my policy about repeating myself.)

You can barely see 'em but at the top of the blue tube - it's a concrete form for a pillar of, well, concrete - are three guys who've just scrambled to the top to guide the crane dumping in the concrete. They moved so fast that by the time I saw them and got my camera on them, they'd made it from near the bottom to all the way to the top. Sure, they had safety lines but an impressive, fearless feat nonetheless.

And that's all I've got for now. Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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