Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tornadoes blew through here last night but for the most part we got through just fine.

Emily was at the high school for band practice and I had to go get her when the weather was a'stirrin' and the sireens were a'wailin'. They had the kids in the safe hall - built after the May 3rd tornado from 10 years ago - and I took her out of a perfectly safe environment and put her in my car and headed home. I call that good parenting. We got caught in the hail and managed to find a drive thru bank awning we could get under before things got too bad. I was worried the windshield would go but it was fine, just a big dent in the hood. After it cleared up, we got home, and the tornadoes were dancing all around us but we were pretty much out of danger by then. Clara's brother, though, and his wife had their front windows blown in, water in the house, shingles torn off, deck damaged, trees downed - you know, the usual. But otherwise unharmed. (They live where they do because they followed a relative who had moved 10 years ago because they'd lost their home in that May 3rd tornado. Yikes!) If you see pictures of the Loves Truck Stop that was destroyed, that's right near where they live.

My office okay. My staff's fine - Terra had texted me and said she was okay but her brother, our intern, saw the tornado touch down in Norman. He was okay, though. The office should be abuzz this morning.

Clara and Rachel managed to get out and scoop up some of the hail on the ground. Not quite the size of canned hams but they'll do some damage:

Here's some of the damage. The hood of my car:

Ouch! Well, we're fine and healthy and if this is the worst we get, we'll manage. Pray for those who lost their lives and sustained real damage.


  1. Glad you're OK Pete. Sooms everyplace has its own flavor of natural diasters. I was terrified of tornadoes as a child, and I remember hailstorms- but nerver quite that big.
    Yesterday I was on the 28th floor of a building in downtown LA and my first thought was would this ride out an earthquake?

  2. Glad that you and your family are okay, Pete.

    It looks like Love's truck Stop was stripped right down to it's steel frame. That must have been a heckuva hard wind.

    I don't recall seeing hail stones that large, ever. Imagine what happened at new car dealers' lots!