Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Movie Shane

Leo Grin has another writes another series on movies over at Big Hollywood, this time on the movie, Shane. He starts with the creation of the story on which the movie is based:
Everyone, it would seem, has an idol — someone who looms large in one’s imagination, and whose example irrevocably changes the direction and purpose of one’s life.

For author Jack Schaefer (1907–1991), one such figure was Wilbur Daniel Steele, a then-popular but now-forgotten writer of the 1920s and ’30s. In his heyday, Steele won so many O. Henry awards (eleven in all) that he was eventually banned from the contest. “The best short story writer there has ever been,” Schaefer believed, ever thankful that Steele’s work had taught him at a young age that “Writing short stories is a craft” and that “Words are beautiful things.”

It just gets better from there.

Totalling 7 parts, the link above will take your to part 1 but, unfortunately, links to the other parts aren't available there. Go here and scroll down to the end for those links. Then get this movie in your Netflix queue.

(And here's another link to Grin's master class on Goldfinger. Another treat.)

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